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 About us

Digital signal processing is everywhere and digital compression technologies are a key part of today’s consumer electronic world. In the speech and audio domains alone, current generation smart phones need to support around 20 different speech and audio codecs. The ever increasing rise in functionality has kept pace with the rise in processor technologies and for mobile applications simply throwing silicon, processor cycles and memory at a requirement results in an expensive and power hungry solution. Expert knowledge is required to approach an optimal solution. The emerging media-frameworks and standardized OS platforms mean that users and OEMs can select the codecs from different vendors safe in the knowledge that they will plug in seamlessly.

ESPICO specialise in the implementation of speech and audio signal processing on a range of licensable cores. Formed in 1999, ESPICO have considerable expertise and a track record in speech and audio codec implementation, including the latest HD audio and VoIP speech codecs. Our highly focused team is committed to offering the most cycle and memory efficient solutions for the platforms we support. This is achieved from a detailed understanding of both the algorithm being implemented and the features of the target architecture. ESPICO offer a range of services from consultancy and training through to full product development.