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aacPlus, aacPlus v2, HE-AAC, E-AAC+ Level 2 to 5

aacPlus is a combination of three MPEG technologies: Spectral Band Replication (SBR), Parametric Stereo (PS), and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). With this state-of-the-art audio coding scheme, it is possible to achieve high-quality audio in stereo at bit rates as low as 24 kbps. The combination of SBR and AAC is called “aacPlus v1” and is standardized as High Efficiency AAC (HE AAC) profile in MPEG-4. The combination of all three tools is called “aacPlus v2” and is also standardized in MPEG-4 as the HE AAC v2 profile.

The ESPICO implementations are highly optimised, realising low memory and MHz requirements. Contact ESPICO for specific resource requirements.



ESPICO’s optimised solution can be ported to any platform. Platforms supported include: