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BSAC Decoder

Bit Sliced Arithmetic Coding (BSAC) is an MPEG-4 standard for scalable audio coding. In order to make the bitstream scalable, BSAC uses an alternative to AAC noiseless coding module, although the other coding modules are identical to AAC. A bitstream encoded by AAC can be transcoded to a BSAC bitstream noiselessly. BSAC is capable of generating a bitstream with a precise bit rate control in the range of 16kbps to 64kbps per channel. This bitrate enables the decoder to stop anywhere between 16kbps and the encoded bitrate with a 1kbps step size. Through use of this scalability, the user can experience nearly transparent sound quality at 64kbps and graceful degradation at lower bit rates.

The ESPICO implementations are highly optimised, realising low memory and MHz requirements. Contact ESPICO for specific resource requirements.



ESPICO’s optimised solution can be ported to any platform. Platforms supported include: