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MPEG2 Layer I and II Audio Decoder

The Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG) audio standard provides high quality audio coding of multiple (up to 12) audio signals over a wide range of bit-rates (32kbit/s to more than 1 Mbit/s). MPEG2 is backward compatible with MPEG1 (two channel) and includes the low sample frequency extension to MPEG1 which supports the half sample rate options of 16kHz, 22.05kHz and 24kHz for two channel systems such as used in DAB. The implementation is fully ISO/IEC 13818-3 compliant and includes the handling of extension bit-streams and multi-lingual channels.

ESPICO’s highly optimised implementations have low memory and MHz requirements. Contact ESPICO for specific resource requirements.



ESPICO’s optimised solution can be ported to any platform. Platforms supported include: